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Machina Lv 95 Sucessive Skills Aka Class Mastery 3

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Posted 27 April 2017 - 12:15 AM

This was found today in cdn files as they are slowly starting to give out their april patch, well, I gotta say finally something new for machina, and oh boi it could look very good, especially for ruina !

Posted Image

Left one is defensio :

Lariat dmg+aoe increase. after using lariat then use taunting blow ex
Tb explosion will self trigger and get stronger over time when used with lariat

Ruina :

pivot gun shot atk and aoe increase. after using pivot gun shot, left click to use overcharge and charging lvl 1, or long press to activate charging level 2.

or right click to fling a giant fist to enemy, afterward, if continue using overheat, will launch rampage attack on enemy.

Both of those dont work in pvp.
Defensio I have not much to say aside the fact they're making her walk the offensio path even more (no mention of provoking effect either for that tb), and having to wait for the timer to benefit from some additional dmg doesn't look really really great (could make tb double trigger harder to use because letting a mark blow by itself won't guarantee you can double trigger it).
Butt we don't know yet if this enhanced tb will share cd with regular tb ex or not, still too early to say.

As for ruina, this looks definitely good as pivot gun shot is the fastest skill ruina can use overcharge with, if the dmg increase is really big, on top of having a very low cd (6sec), this could really help the ruina dealing some serious dmg way faster than before, which is what she exactly needs.
Right click seems completly revamped on paper and sounds promising, having a connection with overheat and a "rampage attack".

Really looking forward to that :)

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