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Looking For Perm Raid Party Members

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Posted 27 April 2017 - 03:27 AM

Hi guys! We are looking for permanent members for raid runs(Idn/Rudn). Experienced or not is not a problem, we can all learn and practice together, with the goals of clearing the nests!

Rules and Requirements :
1. Willing to learn/teach
2. Have patience
3. Respect and be friendly to other members
4. Have determination to improve
5. Cooperative and knows how to work as a team
6. At least red the guides/watched walk through videos, experienced players would be better.
7. At least "not bad" eqs (as for the level of "not bad", we will have to inspect you in-game to judge)
8. Preferably English speaking (we will be chatting in English in the party)

Party Line up:
Main Tank : open
Healer : open
Sub Healer/DPS : open
DPS : open
DPS : oOMorrYOo (Saleana)
DPS : oONorrYOo (Barbarian)
DPS : xBlueSoul (Sniper)
DPS : LuCkyDev1L (Majesty)

Weekly run Time :
Night after 10pm, probably weekends(Fri,Sat,Sun)
Time is not fixed and will be discussed every week since we all have our own life xD
**If we didn't run on the week, u guys can always go for wild parties to clear the nests^^

We understand that not all members are pros and we are not pros as well, so be patient and let us all learn and improve our gears together~~

Interested applicants may reply here or pm us in-game for more information (ign stated above), we will normally online after 10pm~

Thank you for reading !