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This Is How I Play Awakened Raven

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Posted 02 May 2017 - 04:59 PM

Hi. First of all I want to say sorry about my English grammar. I know there will be mistakes in this post. If you guys don't mind, please feel free to fix for me. Thanks a lot.

Second, this is not a guide. It's just my playstyle and my own opinion about Raven after awakening patch.

To start, I wanna share my skill hotkey slot first so it'll be easier for me to explain the whole rotation.

Posted Image

Step 1 : I always start my rotation using Umbra (Q) and Edged Fan (v).

Step 2 : Then, use 3 Chain skill and try to trigger Chain Star effect, that's why I put them in 1 2 3 hot key. I always use Punishment first for 20% dmg debuff, if it doesn't trigger Chain Star effect then use 2 others chain skill. Remember you still have powered Excess Chain, which can be trigger by Crow's Deadfall. So you have 4 skill that can cause the effect. But remember, those skills have the longest casting time of Raven's skills and only Applause can be canceled by Burning Coal. So when try using them, make sure the boss is not gonna slap you.

Step 3 : So I'm having the Chain Star effect for 7 seconds. Next, I will use Open Edge and Rake INS to gain Spoil. Both of them have 6s CD and after that you will have >= 7 Spoils and that's enough to cast Guillotine Cross. In my hotkey, I put Open Edge at 4, Rake at 5, and Triple Edge at R, they're so near together and it's easy for me to cast them.

Step 4 : Fillers. This is not that neccessary but I just like put them in. Skills that I use as fillers are Rain Drop (T) and Rake (5). Don't use all of them, 1 or 2 is enough.

So that's it. My whole rotation for now. I only have to look at the status bar when doing step 2 to know if I had entered the Chain Star effect and look down at the skill hotkey slot to know if 3 Chain skills are on or off CD.

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Posted 04 May 2017 - 12:51 AM

i noticed you didn't have Crow Storm...also for the ult do you get lvl 3 The End or lvl 1 Crippling Punisher for the action speed buff? cause personally i like the fact that you use GC over CS cause you can technically spam it every 5 secs provided that you keep up with the spoil-gathering...CS is a good nuke but wastes too much time and spoils other than using GC then collecting spoils right after you cast it.

Also, does Crow Storm have iframe or even a high SA?

Thanks for the rotation tips btw, still working on mastering it along with dodging (shame)