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Ruina Rotation

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#1 Fulgoris



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Posted 19 May 2017 - 04:54 PM


I really need help with my ruina rotation (sorry) Normally I just overboost>spam gear step skills>flow through>kidney blow instan>foot stomp>flow up>overcharge>duck>right click>kidney blow>overcharge and some other skills to use overcharge kek

I can't seem to fit overheat in even if I try (mad) Thanks in advanced!

#2 DracoFalco



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Posted 29 May 2017 - 11:08 AM

Hi there fellow ruina player (:D)
You could overcharge with kidney blow ins too, reduce cast time for debuff and put an order for which skill to overcharge.

1) Foot Stomp > Left Click (Flow up) > Flow through (press button) > Kidney Blow Ins > Overcharge

2) Foot Stomp > Right Click (Flow through) > Flow Up (press button) > Kidney Blow Ins > Overcharge

(Advanced version) Foot Stomp > Right Click (Flow through) > Duck > Right Click (Rock Away) > Duck > Left Click(Foot Stomp) > Left Click (Flow up) > Kidney Blow Ins > Overcharge

Try them out and use the sequence that you like (love) For me it doesnt matter if you use the simpler versions as you will have plenty of chances to generate steam.

After debuffing, use overheat+overcharge while the boss under debuff. This is because overheat is your highest damage skill.
Afterwards use other skills to overcharge with until kidney blow instant is back and repeat the cycle. The type of skill you use can depend on the situation. e.g. boss flies far away so you use leap over to cover the distance. And you can be in range to overcharge huehue