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Sao's Rudn Clearparty - Now Looking For Subs

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 08:53 PM

SAO is creating again a quick clear party trying to clear in the same cap - (maybe aiming for first clear who knows what will happen) -
SAO managed to clear 2nd on 90 Cap IDN Normal+ 93 cap one of the first IDN HC
(was 50% sao member, the other half very good friends)

Requirements for Subs':

- Full Evolved IDNL +12 or higher
- Have atleast full new epic costume / preferable people with conversion set
- Your HP has to be around 2,8-3m+ as DPS, as Support 3,5m+
- Your Defense Values hit 40%-50%+
- Your CritDMG is above 250% in town
- Your FD is over 50% 93 Cap (around 6,1k)
- Have Genesis Accessoires, 2x Genesis Rings are mandatory!
- Being okay with getting only 1 scale, the FFA scales are for the Main Party not for the Subs
- Have from previous caps raid experience
- Being well informed about the nest such as being able to quickly imply into the teams progress
- Have a working Headset! We don't demand you to speak, but prefer people that communicate
  (listening is key).
- Being a tryhard. Meaning to always give your best even if there is only a little chance of clear left
  (Saint / Support dead, you can still carry on and not die, being able to survive even without healers with enough concentration)

If you got all the requirements and you want to find one of the first successfully clearing parties out there in DNEU contact me to get invited into the private discord server for RuDN SAO!

Note: If you do your job well as Sub and one of the Main-Party Member leave the Party (in any case) you got the chance to claim a MainParty-Spot!

PM me in discord Venour#7995

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