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Defensio Looking For Rudn Party

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Posted 06 June 2017 - 11:41 PM

Hi there! As you may know, we are receiving rune dragon very, very soon (in fact, at the time I'm writing this, it is expected it will land tomorrow) and, as an active and well geared player, I wanted to get my most cherised character in a party as well. If you are not familiar with the Defensio class, here is a link to a defensio guide: http://forum.cherryc...versatile-tank/.

- What do I need?

Basically a party that can, being realistic, clear hardcore. I know, it's not as easy as just going there and clearing on the first attempt, but what I'm looking for would also include parties that have the gear, have the skill and are determined to keep trying until a clear is achieved. I do not need you to be overly formal (chatting in raid, being like 5 minutes late to a raid, stuff like that), or extremely hardcore, but determination to clear is very important to me. A friendly party of skillful players with a civilized attitude and calm temper will do.

- What do I offer?

I'm offering you a chance to offer a well behaved, skilled player a spot in one of your parties, either as a tank or sub-tank support. I have a bunch of tanking experience, and have been dual-maining guardian and defensio since the machina launch (and before that, guardian only), even when she was not as useful as other tanks. I don't have, unlike others, a huge raid clear history, but this is because I only started playing on late 70 cap. I cleared RDNL on 90 cap (completely unimpressive) and IDN before the awakening release and that's about it. This is the character I am offering (there's adjustments I can do to maximize damage or HP, but this is more or less what you'll be dealing with in terms of town stats).

Posted Image

Bear in mind defensio gets an extra 20% final damage from permanent self-buffs and with self buffs only (not counting beyond the wall), looks more or less like this (just noticed there's a dragon buff, without it, the attack power is 482719):

Posted Image

And, with Beyond the wall, a party buff, the ph defense looks like this: Posted Image

All in all, a defensio would provide your party with a decent tank with more than reasonable damage and huge survivability, which makes it a reliable pick. Since RUDN HC parties are usually FD capped, her buff won't be all that interesting (+10% flat fd), but her other buff and utility may be worth considering.

I can adapt to different schedules and I'm free on afternoons and evenings, you can find me here or on the Dragon Nest EU discord server.

Anyway, hope you find the time to read this and, if you did, thank you for considering me for your RUDN party. Have a great day!

-Future gear plans: Once I get enough harmony cubes (not so far from now), I'll be getting the genesis earrings to get even more HP.

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