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Dragon Nest Discord #art Channel!

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 01:49 AM

Dragon Nest Discord #art Channel!

I would like to invite over all the artists and creative spirits to our new Dragon Nest #art Discord channel!

As most players already know our Dragon Nest Discord has been running for about a year now, and we've seen more and more love going around for art and would like to provide it with more space on our Discord.

Upon entering our Discord, in order to participate in the new channel, you will still need to verify your membership first. You can verify yourself here, on the forums, or on Discord. See the #announcements channel for more information, the first message at the top, or see the pinned messages.

Our #art channel will be used to share peoples own art and creativity~, as well as art they loveā™” and adore. Come share your WIPs with us if you please or would like to have some feedback on your work so far, and of course show us the final results! If you're in need of inspiration or would like to organize collaborations with other artists, our channel is also for you! Finally, you may also commission artists for some nice personal art, see the pinned message in the channel for more information about that.

The artists will share the @artist tag which can may be used for the above mentioned activities. You can obtain the tag by showing the Discord CM or Administrator some of your works and/or aspirations to become an artist.

We'll also have a showcase where we list artists and their art page links, streams, and so forth.

With the opening of our new #art channel we'll be organizing an event in the form of an art collaboration between artists that wish to participate. We'll be creating a welcome image which will be pinned at the top of the channel. A central text to the image will be something along the lines of "Welcome to the Dragon Nest #art Channel". Further details may be found on the channel, see the pinned messages to see who's participating!

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Posted 27 September 2017 - 11:51 PM

The Dragon Nest Discord #art channel welcome image created by: Raudhr, Alonellama, Anjelly, Caedoll, Dinyan, HellishBee, Juulie, Menalie, M-II, Rafutela, and Gemma~ find them and more wonderful artists at the Dragon Nest Discord #art channel at : https://discord.gg/Cefwdvd.
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