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Removal of the Blessing Points (Fatigue (FTG) System)

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Posted 12 July 2017 - 02:10 AM

This thread is to request/suggest the removal of the Fatigue (FTG, or Blessing Point (BP)) system in Dragon Nest Europe.

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Currently BP is being used for two purposes:
  • Item & EXP drop rate in dungeons
  • additional entry to Hot Sand Desert Dragon Nest
To start with the latter (2), since the game has additional entry tickets available in exchange for Master-Apprentice Points (or with the VIP/Premium package), why not add a similar feature for other nests in exchange for Nest Points, makes sense, doesn't it?

Then there is the question regarding the first point (1): why should players be limited in item drops and experience? Why should BP be required to for these type of things within dungeons? Clearing dungeons, gathering drops, and experience all require effort. Not having a BP requirement would make players depend more on their effort to do things, and making effort should be something rewarding, not punishing because you run out of BP.

And how punishing is it really? Each of the player characters has a daily amount of 700 BP and weekly amount of 1000 BP. I believe having the VIP package also adds an additional 1000 BP every day. Using multiple characters they would never really reach those limits, but looking at it from another perspective, having to switch characters to do so, because they are limited, is a hindrance to the players and their play experience. So what's the point in placing up the BP limit?

We could also go on and ask about why players are limited in nesting (and raiding) as well. The game is offering content, but yet limits that very same content players might enjoy doing more of, farm and make effort to get the items they need to improve themselves. And the same as above applies, with multiple characters, you can still obtain most of those item drops from nests and raids. But let's leave the nest/raiding limitations out of this thread.

Now I have come to the understanding that this system of limitations stems from certain Asian countries where players are discouraged to play/farm endlessly, developers/publishers may even be obliged to limit such extensive play and news stories regarding incidents can be found around the net. [1][2][3][4]

I do think however the same should not be applied to all areas of the world. There is a thing called responsibility which the players themselves have over their lives. Regardless of how sad it may be to see these things happen, a lot of things happen in the world, developers and/or publishers are not, and can not really be held responsible for a persons life, it simply involves way too many factors. This being a thing in Asian countries, why is this also pushed upon players in other regions, such as Europe? Especially after having pointed out that the system is not very effective (having multiple characters to our disposal). Hey even if they would share the same BP account-wide, people would find other ways, such as multi-accounting.

I believe it would be great if limitations could be removed for players, so they no longer have to be hindered and limited in their game-play.

If you support this, having the Fatigue System removed, please leave a like on this post. I may have forgotten or left out some important points, or you may disagree, if either, please leave a comment below to further contribute to this topic.

#2 Alekss22



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Posted 31 October 2017 - 07:29 PM

+1 to support and Bump!

#3 OdinTheWise



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Posted 09 June 2018 - 11:17 AM

FTG or not, to block us from entering dungeons its like forcing us to quit the game because theres absolutely no point continuing to be a DN player.

Do developers aware that their system of blocking players from entering dungeons would lead the game population down?, oh wait, too late to say that...

Remove the FTG system, or at least, remove BLOCKING players from entering dungeons when FTG runs out.