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Hatsuyomii The Famous Scammer Aka Cruschxia

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#1 Suggestions



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Posted 19 July 2017 - 09:43 AM

Hey there,

I just want to report this guy "Hatsuyomii" pretending to be "Hatsuyomi" He scammed my 40k gold in Dragon Nest Sea. At first, I don't know if he is trusted or not and I just came back to play DN after a long rest. I got a budget of 200k+ when I quit. That's how I get a gold even if I rest for a long time.I ask for my guild mates if "Hatsuyomii" is trusted. well some say the 40kgold for 39k DNP? yes he's trusted. That's the only thing I made wrong. I did not caught it in my vid. That's my fault. when im about to trade him he trick me by telling me to just video it. I don't know that I was talking to "Hatsuyomii" instead of "Hatsuyomi" the trick was so smooth becasue i focus on the loli char. I don't know that the scammer is hiding in a cerbe mount near storage. Im so blank that time. My mind i feel like my head is flying. Epic Face Palm. And it comes to me the idea to frame this dude. to got his main account and I got lucky because I made him to log on his real one. which is CruschXia. come look at the footage 2 videos.

I hope This player will get what he deserve. This is one of the reason why DNSEA is dying. I will be happy if I got my gold back. If not, well it's ok but that will make me very lonely I don't wan't to be tired of playing DN. I really love this game. Hope you act. Thankyou. More Power DNSEA

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Posted 22 July 2017 - 07:14 AM

Hi Suggestions,

Kindly send a ticket via Cherry Messenger so relevant assistance can be provided to you.