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Visibility Improvements

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Posted 07 August 2017 - 12:56 AM

It would be great if the visibility in-game could be improved. This especially goes for AMD graphics users.

In this example there is a Moon Lord, casting the Cyclone Slash skill, making the boss pretty much becomes invisible. This is problematic as boss movements predict certain mechanics. Even when adjusting the System Settings to [Invisible] this only appears to affect party members.

When set to [Invisible] some of the party member skill effects are still visible, such as the Alchemist Ice Palm (or Ultimate: Frostbite) greatly blocking the view. Suggestion; setting the option to [Invisible] should disable visibility of all party member skills, in addition there should be an option to show less or no effect on your own skills. Also note that the screen shots provided in the example are in a single-player party, imagine the effects with a full party.

Another issue is when the camera is turned towards a wall or pillar on the screen, when you make the mistake stepping in front of one trying to avoid skills, it (zooms in and) blocks most of your screen visibility making you vulnerable for attacks.

While it is widely known that it's possible to reduce/remove effects using mods, it is officially not allowed (DN-CHT-06) to modify the client, although it can be argued that it does not give a unfair advantage (i.e. cheats/hacks, or other type of gain) over other players in this situation. Players should not have to go to such an extent to be able to see what's going on on their game screen.

If you agree that improvements need to be made on this aspect, please show your support and leave a like and/or comment on the post with further input. Some of you may have several other examples to add.