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Returning Player - Gear Master

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Posted 11 August 2017 - 05:37 PM

Hi, so I just maxed my Gear Master just today and finished the daily quests for Abyss to get Theanos, and as the title says I am a returning player, I can't remember exactly when but Academic was just released when I stopped playing. I have a couple of questions,

#1. Can anybody suggest builds? A screenshot of a skill tree would be helpful, and if possible the explanation as to why is that? I've been searching builds but the latest one was from Feb 2016 or so I thought, I would mostly want to go Nest, and occasional PVP,

#2. I've seen in some videos that they have said elements on their Gear Master, for example a title says "Dark Chainsaw Tower", I was wondering how were they able to do that? Because as far as from what I can see currently my chainsaw tower is Electric, Do I need to do some kind of quest to convert to a certain element? or is it an item that makes it do that? If yes, then what element would you suggest?

#2a. In relation to question #2, if said element is for example Ice, would it stack with my Ice Pump Tower? would it proc freeze perhaps? would it affect all of my skills? Pingpong Bomb for example would have slow effect or would it proc freeze whenever it hits or by chance. or perhaps fire? with regards to Ice Pump tower would it have the slow effect and the burning effect?

#2b. Another related question regarding "Dark Chainsaw Tower", what does Dark actually do? Is it like, some monster are weak to a certain element and I'd just get the element depending on what Nest? Because when I stopped playing I never knew of a Dark element, just fire and ice and electric? for paralyze like the ducks.

Apologies if this questions are a little bit noobish but it seems that a lot has changed since I last played. So there, if you guys could possibly answer the questions or point me to a certain guide or page that explains all of this that would be very much helpful! :) Thanks! and glad to be back :D