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[Update] Level 95 Monthly Patch – Game Enhancement

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Posted 06 September 2017 - 06:16 PM

Check out the following Game Enhancement which accompanies the level 95 right here.

Game Improvements

Increase in Magic Def due to INT
The amount of Magic Def increase due to the INT stat have been reduced. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Increase in Critical stats
Due to the fact that critical stats can now be obtain easily with Defense Dragon Jade and costumes, critical rate and critical damage of some classes have been modified.
Posted Image

Brand New Equipment
2 brand new sets of equipment for level 95 have been released.

Posted Image

These equipment has a maximum enhancement of +20 and the chances to reach higher enhancements tiers have been revamped to allow for players to reach higher enhancement level easily. (Please note that this change only applies to these level 95 equipment.)

The cost of enhancing level 95 items has been reduced as compared to equipment of other levels.

Posted Image

There are no changes in the enhancement cost for items lower than Level 95.

Apart from enhancement cost, there is a difference in the required materials and quantity for each grade.

One of the items required for enhancing of level 95 equipment are Powerstones. Players will be able to obtain Powerstones from Level 95 Nests [Normal and Hardcore] difficulty.

Powerstones are divided into [Weapon Powerstone] and [Armour Powerstone]. These Powerstones are further broken down into 2 tiers: Low Grade and Mid Grade.

Only Low Grade Powerstones can be traded and stored in Server Storage.

Posted Image

Equipment Collection

Level 95 [Epic, Unique] grade items have been added to Equipment Collection.
Maximum Enhancement Level in Filter has been changed to 15 – 20.

Remote Hero Dungeon Exploration

The method of obtaining rewards from Remote Hero Dungeon Exploration have been changed. Instead of obtaining Hero Boxes, Adventure Boxes will be given out.

In order to open the Adventure Boxes, you will need varying amounts of Adventure Keys depending on the grade of the box.

Posted Image

These Adventure Keys can be obtained from Daily Tasks and various activities.

Posted Image

With the increased difficulty of obtaining the box, the rewards of the boxes havebeen improved.

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