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Adventure Log

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Posted 07 September 2017 - 12:02 PM

Since our Dragon Nest adventure has come a long way and involves many events that have unfolded throughout the storyline these must not be forgotten. As the story and its events is one of the key features of the game a lot of the players enjoy, why not bring them together in an Adventure Log?

Perhaps the lore could be brought together in a story book, the adventures the player gone through recorded in their adventure log, retelling the story, to look back at the long road they have traveled to today.

Aside from the lore in text form, it would be nice if the cut-scenes viewed throughout the game could also be included to be re-watched, as we only get to see them for a brief time.

As there have been many classes released with different stories, each following their own story, it could be an idea to combine these and see how they relate to each other, or keep them apart to each class their own. Though I think many players would also be interested to see how the tale of other classes has unfold despite perhaps not wanting to play the class.

This allows adventurers to re-visit the tale of Dragon Nest and collect all the memories of their adventures.

As always, if you support this suggestion, please leave a like and if you have anything to add leave a comment below!