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[Update] Slayer Mode Monthly Patch - Game Enhancement

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Posted 19 October 2017 - 01:46 PM

Check out the following Game Enhancements in this patch right here.

Changes and Additions:

Level 95 Dragon Jade Added
Level 95 Dragon Jades are divided into [Defense], [Attack] and [Attribute] types.
Unlike previously, the new Dragon Jades can be equipped on items of lower grade (E.g. Level 95 Legend Dragon Jade can be equipped on Level 95 Epic Grade Equipment)
All grades of Dragon Jade can be traded. Dragon Jades will get random stats when obtained.

L95 Dragon Jade – Epic
Level 95 Epic Dragon Jades can be purchased from the Goddess’s Sparkle Store at 1000 Nest Points each.
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L95 Dragon Jade – Unique & Legend
Level 95 Unique and Legend grade Dragon Jades can be crafted via the Blacksmith NPC, in the [Dragon Jade/Talisman] tab. Stats of the Dragon Jades will be random when crafted.
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Refer to the table below for the required materials and costs.
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Low/Mid grade Dragon Jade Fragments and Low/Mid grade Dragon Jade Hearts can be obtained at a low rate by disassembling level 95 Dragon Jades.
Dragon Jade Fragments and Hearts can be traded.
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Level 95 Legend Equipment Added
You can now craft Hero’s Calypse Weapon/Armour Converters via the common goods tab at the Blacksmith NPC.

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You need at least a +10 Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment in order to use the Hero’s Calypse Weapon Converter.
Enhancement levels will not be carried over after the conversion.
However, if a +11 and above Greedy Rune Dragon Equipment is converted, additional rewards will be given.
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The Enhancement Hammers given from the conversion are better and also different from regular Enhancement Hammers. It is a one-use item with a fixed success rate used for enhancing Hero’s Calypse Equipment from +16 to +20.
When this item is used, no Gold or materials are required, and there is also no penalty should the enhancement fail.
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Goddess’s Sparkle Store
Level 95 Epic Grade Accessories have been added to the Goddess’s Sparkle Store.
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Nightmare Store
Cost of items in the Nightmare Store has been reduced.
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Daily Tasks and Rewards renewal
Daily Tasks have undergone a renewal and more variety of rewards have been added.
* PVP related tasks will be updated in the future.
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With the removal of Light Cubes from Daily Tasks rewards, the purchase limit of Light Cubes in the Goddess’s Lament Store and Goddess’s Sparkle Store has been increased.
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Wonderful Theme Park Store
Level 95 Chaos Heraldry and Hero Awakening Potions have been added.
Level 93 Heraldry can no longer be purchased.
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Equipment Collection
The following has been added to the Equipment Collection in the Growth Guide.
- Level 95 Hero’s Calypse Equipment
- Slayer Equipment
- Level 95 Accessories
- Level 95 Dragon Jades