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Some Of My Suggestion For Implement Game!

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Posted 31 October 2017 - 07:24 PM

i saw many not good things on EU Servers that not right!
Some things are fine but most for me and some players from DN EU also so i saw them and i will report them here!
I am old Dragon Nest Europe player i played sea also but i saw  many restriction there so that's why i start play DN EU.
And to be honest if we not speech that desty wait us here also! if we plane to donate in game we deserve better threat!
What is for me not right i will always post and say loud! no matter that would have effect or not!
But if we not speech we agree with those unfair changes!

1.FTG Blessing system- They are limited even with daily giveaway 1000 per day are not enough fo players who have one char and others who have many and only keep growing on Main also not enough mean i know we have reset every day still no se worth to stay those system as should be improvement on that part!

Suggest to make it more,so increase it!

2.Limited Nest- Some part of Nest's are to way so low per week! For example: Volcano Nest Normal,Hard Core and Hell are limited only on 3 time per week i mean wtf is that (I know we have those tokens we can buy and also spend 50gold per unique per one and 100g per legendary per one ) not agree that is very welcome even you spend more gold even you spend more time to get it and what is that call?
No one deserve to be limited on game to play any nest or any dungeon if we have plan to spend more money on game!

Suggest to increase weekly run through nest to at last minimal 11 time per one mod on all nests!
Or to increase drop in Nest as now when we loot most of all have poorly loot on drop comapred to 4 player in full party for example if we have plane to make some weapons more on enhancement everyone can get one or two enhancement stone unique so let me ask you how many time we need to make us weapons on +10 and +20  some weeks,months we live fast spend money fast eat fast well we can make us geared very well a bit faster which is now!

3.Item not allowed to transfer- Some items are not possible to transfer on Normal (Server) Storage
Like those Unique Weapon/Armor Strengthening Stone those items are most important for our way to get equipment more power full if that make possible to transfre to our Normal (server) storage can make us game more fair and accept!

I am sure have more situations and items like that what would be possible to give access on transfer for Normal (Server) Storage! But this is one example!

4.No exist DNP System in game- There im on half mine i agree to not exist and to exist! Why?
Not agree because we have CC Seller already and that can make them unstable then more focuse would be to seliing those DNP  and no one will senything else!
Agree since already exist on other servers and work fine even poor people can make some golds by selling them make everyone happy! if not allowed to sell then make that everyone can have DNP for Account use can by some items with DNP except CC but on Limited variaton for which part could be possible to buy!

Suggest to make DNP system on DN EU as already exist on other servers!
Or make some Events for them!

Well i am sure have more and more and more but i will post in while!
I know most part are not accept form DN owner and from DN Player i not care mine is to say what is on my mind and to say it! but i am sure i would be happy if we agree in some parts!
So support +1 or Bump if you agree for some parts!

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