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Cant Top Up The Right Id

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Posted 02 December 2017 - 01:15 PM

Hi Guys & Girls

after the server crash 2016-03  i take a break

i´m back now since around 6-8 weeks

i was unable to login with my ID and though it was deletet  so i creat a new one..

and start to play .. then someone ingame  told me i have to bind my acount

after i bind it i was able to login  with my account and my 11 lev 80 chars fine..
i play a lot and have now 8 max 95 chars...

found  a new guild and wanted to top up cc to get vip ticket & daily boxes..

but  as i top up the cc goes to the id  i was createt at last not to the id with the 11 chars...
so its usless for me

i try to change the login id  ( like it showed here https://cm.cherrycre...-Game-Login-ID- )

and the Default cherry Game Login ID seems now the right one

but there are to more
Dragon Nest


also with the right id

Dragon Nest (EU)


that shown the other id (that i creat as i though the other is not working) that i dont want to top up

but when i top up it still goes to the wrong id

i wrote a ticket  to ask how i change it  and top up the id i wana top up but  the answer was i should send  identification document (NRIC, passport, birth certificate, driver's license, student pass, etc.)
uhm i dont wana send  documents of me for a free to play game

and thats not the point

my question is

is it possible to change it that i can top up the id with the 11 chars?


when i delete the id with the one char  (i dont need it anymore)
will the other id then my main ID ?

this is just frustrating

i wana top up and i cant (at the id i want)
it seems they dont want my money

any help would be nice