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[Update] Blood Phantom March Patch - Game Enhancement part 1

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Posted 13 March 2018 - 02:28 PM

Check out the following Game Enhancement.

Contents Improvements and Changes

•“Clear Inventory” message box that appears when a stage is cleared has been removed. (saves 10 seconds)
•You can now click the Dimensional Rabbit faster when it appears. (saves 7 seconds)
•Clicking the Dimensional Rabbit among party members becomes faster. (saves 2 seconds)

[Abandoned Wharf]
•Unnecessary system messages have been removed. (Quest NPC conversations)

[Forest of Illusion] [Old Kaeron Urban District]
•Improvements have been made to the jumping tiles where characters got stuck.

[Mysterious Underwater Cavern]
•Improvements have been made to the starting area to cave entrance where characters got stuck.

Changes in [Enraged] Champion Monster
•Invulnerability effect is removed.
•Constant HP reduction is removed.
•[Violent] effect applied on players remains unchanged.

[Old Kaeron Urban District]
•Characters can no longer go past the ceiling of the stairway entrance.

Battle Training Ground
•Monster’s HP has been increased 10 times. (50 billion)
•Kill count is shown when the monster dies.
•Monster will be replaced with a new one when the player enters the skill cooldown reset zone.
•Cooldown reset zone has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

•“Clear Inventory” message box that appears when a Nest is cleared has been removed. (saves 10 seconds)

[Grievous Guardian Nest]
•Improvements made to the left warp tile near the starting location.
•Fixed the door that didn’t open quickly when Stage 1 was cleared.
•Waiting time until Stage 3 battle has been shortened.
•Fixed the issue of not advancing to the next stage after killing Stage 1 boss.

Slayer Mode
•Battle begins faster. (1 sec)
•You can leave faster when boss is killed. (3 sec)

Slayer Testing Ground
•Battle starts quickly when you enter.
•Some monsters’ invulnerability duration has been shortened and faster attacks can be made.
(Squirtley, Alicanto, Bacchus)
•You need to have enough Fatigue to enter.
(e.g. You need to have at least 180 to enter an area where 180 FTG is required.)
•Applied to both [Slayer's Testing Ground] and [Slayer's Testing Ground X4].
•Durability will not be reduced.

Wonderful Theme Park
• You can enter 'Hit the Golden Goble' by 'Event' Portal.

Lv95 Equipment Changes

[Legend Tier 2 Equipment] Added
-Lv95 Legend Tier 2 Equipment has been added!
-Lv95 Legend Tier 1 equipment can be upgraded to the next tier at +20 Enhancement Level and the upgraded equipment will become Lv95 Legend Tier 2 +0 Enhancement Level.

[Unique Tier 2 Equipment] → [Legend Tier 1 Equipment Evolution] Added
- A new way of evolving Lv95 Unique Tier 2 equipment into Lv95 Legend Tier 1 equipment has been added.
- Lv95 Unique Tier 2 equipment can be upgraded to the next tier at +20 Enhancement Level and the upgraded equipment will become Lv95 Legend Tier 1 +0 Enhancement Level.

Posted Image

Unique Tier 2 → Legend Tier 1 Evolution Example

Posted Image

Legend Tier 1 → Legend Tier 2 Evolution Example

Converter Added
-Lv95 Equipment’s grade and tier converter has been added.
-You can use this converter at the Blacksmiths.

Posted Image

Adjustments in Lv95 Legend Equipment (Hero's Calypse Equipment) Stats
-Stats will be increased for Hero's Calypse Equipment (Tier 1) and Hero's Calypse Equipment (Tier 2).
-Weapon and Secondary Weapon’s Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power, Armor’s Physical Attack Power and Magic Attack Power, and Max HP will be increased.
-Other stats such as Defence Power or STR/AGI/INT/VIT will remain unchanged.
-The increments will follow the equipment’s previous grade or tier’s +20 stats.
-E.g. Legend Tier 1 equipment’s stats = Unique Tier 2 +20 Enhancement Level equipment’s stats
-E.g. Legend Tier 2 equipment’s stats = Legend Tier 1 +20 Enhancement Level equipment’s stats (*based on the increased stats of Legend Tier 1 equipment)

Changes in Repair Cost
-Repairing cost of Legend equipment was cheaper than that of Unique equipment so the cost of repairing Legend grade equipment has increased.
-New repair costs can be seen below and it is based on the cost of repairing equipment that has reached 0 durability. (However, 30% additional repair cost will be added for completely damaged equipment.)

Posted Image

Changes in Dropped Items

-Items that affect constant play or items that are no longer used have been removed.

Posted Image

Changes in Main Quest Rewards
-Now when you clear the last quest of the main quest chapter, you can get Crystal Points.
-You cannot get Crystal Points when you skip quests.
-You can get the following amount of points.

Crystal Reward for Each Chapter

Posted Image

Changes in Daily Mission Reward

-Reward for the daily mission [Clear Daily Missions 7 times] has been changed.
-Instead of Crystal Points (200), Daily Mission Pouch will be dropped.

Posted Image

Changes in Conditions for [Growth Guide – Talisman]
•At [Growth Guide - Talisman], conditions that had items that was no longer available have been replaced with items that can be obtained.

Talisman Pouch > Sealed Hero's Talisman.

Posted Image

More Server Storage Items
- Slayer Equipment Pouch can be stored in Server Storage.
- Commission for using Server Storage has been greatly reduced.

Posted Image

Improvements in Max Button in Store
- Maximum items shown when you purchase items at the store will now automatically show the maximum number you can buy with the amount of money you have, instead of the maximum stackable amount.
- For example, if you only have enough money to buy 3, then 3 will be entered.
- If you have enough money, it will show the maximum number of items stacked as before.

Additional Improvements to Gacha Box
There was feedback that it was hard to recognize the obtained items when Gacha Box was opened, so additional improvements have been made.
From now on, items obtained will have a yellow border when you open the Gacha Box.

UI for obtaining key items remains the same.  

Changes in Rune Dragon Legend Equipment Disassembly

-Rewards that you can get by disassembling enhanced Greedy Rune Dragon Legend Equipment have been changed.
-When disassembled, you will get [Legend Grade Rune Dragon's Wrath] that match the enhancement level.

Posted Image
Slayer's Testing Ground X4

[4 Times!]
  • 4 times more monsters appear than <Slayer's Testing Ground>.
  • Monsters will increasingly appear faster.
  • Uses 700 Fatigue.
  • You need to have at least 700 Fatigue to enter.
3 buffs that make you stronger will be applied temporarily.
  • Increased Attack Power
  • Increased Skill Cooldown Recovery Rate
  • Increased Action and Movement Speed
Changes in Slayer Mode

Abyss Difficulty Level Reward Enhancement
-Slayer Points dropped each time in Abyss difficulty will be increased from 1 to 5 points.
-Slayer Point drop rate will remain the same.
-With the increase in points, the price of Slayer Mode Entry Ticket bought with Slayer Points has slightly increased.

•Enhancement Hammer added to Slayer Store
-You can now use Slayer Points to buy Enhancement Hammer of each grade.
-Enhancement Hammer purchased here can be traded.

•Enhancement Hammer dropped in Slayer Mode will become untradeable.
-Enhancement Hammers that have been obtained in the past will still remain tradeable.
-However, Enhancement Hammers that are newly dropped in Slayer Mode will not be tradeable.

•Purchase restrictions on Slayer Mode Entry Ticket
-Purchase of Slayer Mode Entry Ticket will be restricted to 150 per week.
-The limit on the number of entry tickets purchased will be applied on all the different routes of buying the entry ticket and will be capped at a maximum of 150.

Changes in Enhancement Hammer

• Enhancement Hammer will be separated for Weapon and Armor use for Legend grade.
- Level 95 Legend Grade Enhancement Hammer will be separated into one that can enhance Legend Weapons and one that can enhance Armors.
- Enhancement Hammers that were previously obtained will all be changed into Weapon Enhancement Hammer.
- Armor Enhancement Hammer can be obtained as new items.
- Enhancement Hammer will not be separated for Unique and Epic grade.
- Both Enhancement Hammers can be used on all Lv93 equipment of any grade and other Level 95 items except Legend Grade.

•Additional locations for getting Enhancement Hammer
- You can get Enhancement Hammer of all grades at a very low rate in Abyss difficulty of all dungeons.
- You can get Enhancement Hammer of all grades at a very low rate in Rune Dragon Nest and all Lv95 Nests.
- Drop rate of Epic Enhancement Hammer that already exist will not be changed.
- Enhancement Hammers that are dropped in dungeons and Nests can be traded.

Sectional DPS Feature

•When battling the boss monster, sectional DPS measurement will begin.
•When boss is killed, measured sectional DPS will be shown in orange.

[Additional Feature]
By clicking on the DPS message, you can share it with others.
  • Public Chat (White)
  • Party Chat (Blue)
  • Guild Chat (Green)
[Applied Contents]
It will be applied on Level 95 contents which are currently high level contents.
  • Ominous Mist Nest
  • Grievous Guardian Nest
  • Heatwave Volcano Nest
  • Limit Break Typhoon Kim Nest
  • Limit Break Professor K Nest
  • Limit Break Sea Dragon Nest
  • Limit Break Granom Nest
  • Rune Dragon Nest
  • Slayer Mode (Manticore)
  • Slayer Mode (Archbishop)
  • Slayer Mode (Daidalos)
Gear Score

-[Gear Score] which represents a numerical value of the effectiveness of character’s equipment has been added.
-Total Gear Score can been seen in Character window.
-Each item’s Gear Score can be seen in each item’s tooltip.
-Gear Score will be added to equipment from Level 95 onwards. (Gear Score will be applied on Genesis Accessory and some other equipment regardless of the level.)

[How to check Gear Score]
-You can check the total Gear Score at [Character Info] window.
-When you mouseover on [Character Info] window’s Gear Score, you can see the Gear Score of each equipment group in the tooltip.
-[Like] which has been replaced by Gear Score has been moved to a separate [Like] tab.

Posted Image

-Gear scores for each item can be seen in the tooltip.

Posted Image

Party Reward Revamp

Party Reward System Revamp
-Changes have been made to how Party Reward Points are given. In the past, players could only get [10,000 Community Points] as a reward after accumulating 10,000 points but now you can get as much Community Points as you have collected in Party Reward Points (whether it is 1 point or 1000 points!).
-Every Saturday at 09:00AM, [Party Reward Points] you have collected for the week will be converted into [Community Points] at 1:1 ratio. (Party Reward Points will become 0.)
-Community Points will be given to characters in the form of points instead of mail.
-If the amount of [Community Points] owned has reached the maximum (50,000 Points), excess amount will become obsolete.
-If you accumulate 10,000 Party Reward Points in a week, you will get an extra [5000 Community Points] as [Full Points Reward]. That means you can get up to 15,000 Points in a week. Full Points Reward will be sent to your mailbox.

Posted Image

Improvements in Remote Dungeon Adventure Box

Adventure Box Improvements
-Number of keys required to open a [Low Grade Adventure Box] has been reduced from 5 to 1.
-Some items inside [Low Grade Adventure Box], [Mid Grade Adventure Box], and [High Grade Adventure Box] have been changed or added.

Posted Image