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Ripper Awakening Bugs

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Posted 25 March 2018 - 06:21 PM

Client version: 235
Date/Time:  3/25/2018 3:10pm (UTC+5:00)
Character name: Hept
Character level: 95
Class: Ripper
Location: All nests and dungeons
Frequency of error: all the time
Description: The first bug that i would like to report is the tumble awakening for rippers which has been here since awakening. Basically, if tumble awakening is used the iframe is turned into a block instead, which means that it is possible to be debuffed if you try to iframe lets say a cross attack that gives you fractured debuff. not only that the buff that we gain (the one bubble that is supposed to last for 6 seconds until a skill that uses mp is used) does not get used but remains there even if a skill is used that costs mp+ the damage gain is NOT 1000% of the physical attack. Heck its not even 200% of it.

norm attk at 0:37 and with buff at 0:49

Another bug that i would like to report is the seemingly less damage for ripper's burning coal awakening. After using burning coal the damage from the clone is not 200% of the initial damage.

Video from my own account while doing a raid
https://www.youtube....h?v=FnxPKZBhW0A at 8:49

Video from someone from sea but basically the same thing

Now i could be completely wrong about the whole calculation aspect here but please look into this. And if I am wrong please do explain qwq ty.

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