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Machina Awakening Rewards

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Posted 22 April 2018 - 03:23 PM

Hey all

So since it's the last awakening of DN (if not any other class is going to be released), why not making a bigger event with better rewards for all classes? Like celebrating that all the awakenings of the classes are released? So that kind of event would be another "clear XX or do XX to get XX rewards". But this should be available for all types of players, for example PvE players for all types (newbies or players with end game equipment) or PvP players etc. The rewards should be the same for all tasks so that people who do PvP but have no gears will have no disadvantage against people who clear tasks for PvE. I would appreciate rewards like job-change scrolls because there were many changes since 93 cap (DPS of the classes, gameplay/playstyle etc.). Of course, there could be other items as rewards that aren't too expensive (for example for CC not losing money or something). But maybe adding some enhancing stones or anything for the PvE rewards and some Medals for the PvP rewards could be possible too. And of course doing some exclusive Machina rewards would be possible too. So I thought of these possibilities:

A: Main rewards (f.e. job-change scroll) would already be in special storage without doing tasks and rewards for the specific content or Machina exclusive rewards will be in special storage by clearing the specific task.

B: There would be tasks for all the rewards (main rewards will have their own tasks and rewards regarding content or Machina exclusive rewards too).

Of course the rewards should be given once per CHARACTER.

I hope CC will think of doing something similar to this as an event to celebrate the release of the awakenings of all classes. I apologize for my poor english or if this post is hard for you to read (?). Other ideas or criticism is appreciated.

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