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How Do I Even Play This Game?

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Posted 02 May 2018 - 09:44 PM

Hello,sorry for the abrupt arrival from this forum but i have been having a problem that has been rubbing off badly for me
I wanted to say that I have been a fan of This game Dragon Nest since it was released
I have met so many cool people enjoyed this game everysingle moment and just had fun In general
But i have been having lots and lots of problems whit the cherry account.
Now dont get me wrong i can see why this was made as it seems that it would probably reduce the piracy problems or scams as i have guessed
But i have been having problems after this new cherry account methods for years because of a problem.
It was after i tried to connect to the game and asked me to put my LoginID i thought it refered to my name Game ID but it was refering to my email instead..
For this problem I wasnt able to play this game for years
As it didint explain it efficently.
I then Managed to finaly just yesterday to access.
And it was working!
Until...I have a patch error.
Now I am trying this on the steam version and The thing is i discovered that all of the old accounts got deleted wich is fine A fresh start dosent distrub me at all.
But All of the links on the official page are all broken
HTTL dosent work
And all of the multiparts dowloads dosent work
wich i wasnt going to used it because it seemed rather slow to try and combine all of this parts to try and being able to dowload this game.
I already checked the forums for a solutions but They were all from 2016 or older
I only wanted to ask a question
Where Can I find the latest version of this game launcher as the steam version dosent work?
The only Link on the game dowload that worked was the torrent version
if that is the most new version of the game
And if this is the newest version of the link
What about All of those manual patches dowloads?
Do I have to dowload this after the game got installed?
Will the launcher from the torrent version install the patches on my own?
Can I simply put the patches file onto the steam files and play it on steam?
Please I have been In love from this game and it breaks my heart as I cannot figure out a way to just enter the game and play it.
Anything can help Out
Thank you Again For reading this post.
Any help will be super appreciated