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[Update] Lebria Heraldry Quest 3 Update - Game Enhancement

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Posted 05 September 2018 - 03:40 PM

Changes in Tasks

- Changes in Daily and Weekly Tasks
- Some Daily Tasks and Weekly Tasks and their rewards will be changed.

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[Weekly Mission Rewards Added]

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Trading House Improvements

- Now the buyer can select the quantity of items when buying at the Trading House if there is more than one of the same item that has been registered.

- Changes have been made to procedures for registering an item to sell, configuring item quantity during purchase, and getting paid after the item has been sold.

[Registering item for sale (register price for each item)]
At Trading House  >  Register  >  Register Item, the selling price has changed to price for each item.

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- Price for all the registered item was entered.

- Individual Item Price : Enter price of each item
- Total Item Price : A sum calculated by [Price of each item in quantity of registered item] is shown automatically

[Choosing quantity of items for purchase]
Now there is a step for choosing the amount of items you want to buy and you can select a quantity you want as long as it does not exceed the maximum amount.

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[How to get the payments]

- Settle Payment tab has been removed and the seller can get the payment via mail when item is sold.
- All the settled payments stored in the Settle Payment tab before the update will be sent via mail after the update

<Settle Payment Tab removed from Trading House>

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<Payment is sent to the Mailbox>

Payment you get will be equal to the selling price minus the commission.

Labyrinth Accessory

[Increased Drop Rate]
Drop rate for Labyrinth Accessories has increased.
Now there is a slightly higher chance of higher level accessories being dropped.

[Enhanced Disassembly Results]
Number of Relic Fragments you can get when you disassemble items has increased.

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Changes in Dungeon Rewards

Changes in Daily Quest Dungeon Rewards
- 5 rewards that you can get from Priestess of Darkness Mocha after completing “Clear Level 95 Dungeon Daily Quest” will be changed from [300 Dungeon Points to 20 Lebrium Points].

- When you clear all 5 Daily Quests, you can get a total of 100 Lebrium Points as rewards.

Changes in Dungeon Points earned after clearing dungeons
- Dungeon Points you can get for clearing Level 95 dungeon have been greatly increased from 50 -Dungeon Points to 400 Dungeon Points.

Changes in Party Matching

- There is waiting time for requesting for party matching again when the player does not click Ready button and cancels party matching.

- If there is a party member who is waiting for party matching initialization or when party matching is requested again after quitting a party, waiting time is needed until party matching can be requested again.

- When a party member who is waiting for party matching initialisation quits the party, this party can now carry on with party matching.

Follow Feature Removed

- There have been many cases where [Follow] feature that could be selected in the menu of another character was misused so it has been removed.

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Option to Change Looks for Spinoff Character Transformation Added

◆ Now you have the option of changing character’s looks when you transform into a spinoff character.

- You can turn this option on or off by going to System Settings – Graphic Options and activating/deactivating [Change Appearance for Spinoff Transformation].

- This option is selected by default and you have to deselect the option to maintain your character’s appearance when you use spinoff transformation skill to transform.

- This option is not applied on Ray Mechanic characters due to their transformation characteristics.

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Lv95 Tier Equipment

[Hero’s Calypse Tier 3 Equipment] Added

- Level 95 Legend [Hero’s Calypse Tier 3 Equipment] has been added!
- Now you can use [Equipment Converter - Legend] item that can be crafted at the Blacksmith to upgrade [Calypse Tier 2 Equipment into Calypse Tier 3 Equipment].  

[Calypse Tier 3 Equipment] Enhancement Information

To enhance Calypse Tier 3 equipment, you need Gold, Lebrium Points, Polished Garnet, High Grade Essence of Life, Lapis, and Cryolite.  
- Number of materials needed differs for each item type and enhancement level.
- For enhancing Calypse Tier 3 Equipment to +11 enhancement level, enhancement success rate increases to 100% and a special material, “(Colour) Cryolite” is needed. You can get Cryolites from Green Dragon Nest (Time Attack).

Changes in Epic/Unique Equipment Enhancement

- With the release of new equipment, amount of Gold and Item Protection Magic Jelly required for the old Epic and Unique equipment has been adjusted to make enhancement easier

Item Enhancement

◆  Lebrium Points are used instead of Lebrium Powerstones when enhancing items
- Now “Lebrium Powerstones” are no longer used in item enhancement. Instead, “Lebrium Points” will be used directly for enhancement.
- “Lebrium Powerstones” required for enhancing old equipment will be changed to the same amount of “Lebrium Points”.
- You can no longer exchange Lebrium Points for Lebrium Powerstones at the Blacksmith Store. (However, you can exchange Lebrium Powerstones into Lebrium Points)

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Lebria Store

- Calypse Tier 1 Equipment sold in Lebria Store
- You can buy Calypse Tier 1 Weapon and Armour at NPC GalaxyH3’s [Lebria Store].

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Legend Grade Tasks Added for Hero’s Remote Dungeon Exploration

2 Legend grade tasks have been added to Remote Dungeon Exploration

- When a Level 95 character refreshes Remote Dungeon Exploration tasks, Legend grade task will appear at a low rate.

- Success rate of Legend grade tasks is very low at about 1% when you send 3 Unique Level 20 Heroes.

- [Gold Dragon Geraint] has been added which can only be used in Remote Dungeon Exploration using Gold.

- [Gold Dragon Geraint] is configured as the recommended Hero for Legend grade tasks and using it increases the success rate of Legend grade tasks to 95%.
   (When you send [Gold Dragon Geraint] with 2 other Level 20 Unique Heroes, success rate will be about 96%.)

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• When you have successfully completed [Collect Six Infinity Stones] task, you will get [Top Grade Adventure Box (Dragon Jade)].
You can open Top Grade Adventure Box with 100 Adventure Keys and you stand a low chance to get [Legend Dragon Jade Pouch] which contains [Level 95 Legend Dragon Jade].

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• When you successfully complete [Kill Wailing Clear Dragon] task, you can get [Top Grade Adventure Box (Heraldry)] at a very low rate.
You can open Top Grade Adventure Box with 100 Adventure Keys and you stand a low chance to get [High Grade Epic Heraldry Pouch] which contains [Level 95 Epic Heraldry with Final Damage option].

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[Low Level Items - Lowered Item Disassembly Fee]
- Commission needed to disassemble items below Level 95 has been greatly reduced.

[Mail Improvements – Automatic stacking for items]
- Items that can be stacked will be stacked automatically when you get items via Mail.

[“Lebrium Points (100)” added to items sold at the Crystal Points Store]
- Now you can buy [Lebrium Points (100)] with 10,000 Crystal Points at the Crystal Points Store.

[Changes in Maximum Limit for Lebrium Powerstone]
- Now you can own up to 6,000 Lebrium Powerstones.
- Lebrium Powerstones can no longer be stored in normal storage. (You can still take out Lebrium Powerstones that were previously stored in Storage.)

[Some changes to Dungeon Points Store]
- You can no longer exchange Low Grade/Mid Grade/High Grade Adventure Keys for “Adventure Key” at the Dungeon Points Store.
- Price of Adventure Key has been changed from 300 Dungeon Points to 50 Dungeon Points.
[Changes made to allow some items to be sold]
- Some items including [Goddess's Title Exchange Coupon – Teardrop] and some recipes can now be sold.

[More items that can be stored in Special Server Storage]
- Now you can store Lebria Heraldry in Special Server Storage.
- Commissions for Special Server Storage are as follows.
  ▷ Lebria Heraldry (v1.01~3.05) :  2 Special Storage Tickets for each piece

[Changes in Labyrinth Relic Rewards]
Some of the Labyrinth Relic rewards have been changed.
Drop rate of Elevation Cube has increased.
Dropped amount of Dragon Jade Fragment and Polished Garnet has increased.

[More items can be stored in Special Server Storage.]
You can store the new Calypse Tier 3/Tier 4 equipment and Forest Dragon Main Weapon in Special Server Storage.
Commissions for Special Server Storage are as follows.
Hero’s Calypse Tier 3 Equipment :  3 Special Storage Tickets for each piece
Hero’s Calypse Tier 4 Equipment :  3 Special Storage Tickets for each piece (Future update)
Forest Dragon Main Weapon (Forest Dragon Weapon) : 50 Special Storage Tickets for each piece (Future update)