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[Notice] It’S Fashion Delights At The Cash Shop!

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 02:52 PM

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_news.png (580×147)

Find your fashion style right here at the Cash Shop!
Monthly Costume – Asian Silk Costume Theme 
If exotic styles are right up your alley, you will love these traditional silk designs that have stood the test of time! 

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img2.png (700×540)

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img3.png (700×540)

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img4.png (700×540)

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img1.png (700×750)

Geraint Dragon Box Update
Look out for this mega update with tons of cool stuff!

Geraint Casual Look Wing, Tail, Decal

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img5.png (700×630)

Geraint Casual Look Necklace

Posted Image

Geraint Transformation
Collect all pieces and transform into Geraint Casual Look.

Posted Image

Blessed Golden Dragon Mount

Posted Image

Silver Pearl Shell Earring and Ring

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img7.png (500×260)

Atonement Darkness Weapon

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img8.png (700×750)

Synthesized Costume Update – Viking Costume

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img9.png (700×750)

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img10.png (700×750)

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img11.png (700×750)

Newbie's Dreamy Package

Starter package for newly created characters.

Package content:
- Calypse Tier 1 Full set +15 
- Gold Pouch 5k gold x1
- Hero Exp scroll 200% x1
- Willpower fragment (15 Days Duration)
- Red Dragon's Shiny Flower Ring x2
- Red Dragon's Shiny Flower Necklace x1
- Red Dragon's Shiny Flower Earring x1

Nostalgic Hat Box

Put on a different hat for different occasions to jazz up your style! Available for 3,000CC only! 

20181102_DN_LanceaCashShop_img12.png (520×630)

Lancea Awakening Costume
If you missed this the first time, consider yourself very lucky! Simply login and collect the awakening coupon from your Lancea special storage.

Posted Image

Pop by the Cash Shop today! 

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Posted 07 November 2018 - 02:52 PM