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#1 Posted : Wednesday, January 15, 2020 8:48:50 PM(UTC)

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<p>\]\]\]\]\\]\]\\]\]\]\ We will give you all the medications you need. You will receive the following: Mifepristone (RU486), Misoprostol, pain medication and something for nausea. You will also have lab work and an ultrasound. Rh-negative women will be given Rhogam. Our fees include everything; there are no hidden costs.</p><p>How do I know it is complete? +27717852514 /]/]/]]/]/]]/]/]/]</p><p>It is necessary to return for a follow up visit to confirm this. Usually it is at one week but you will be given specific instructions at your visit.</p><p>What is the cost? /]/]/]/]]/]/]/]/]/ 0717852514 ]/]//]]/]/]/]/]]/]</p><p>Our fee includes all medications, testing, follow up and surgical procedure if needed.</p><p>Every single staff I’ve encountered were angels. While taking my medications, they went well beyond to teach me all the meds I would be taking! I’d refer any and every one that needs help, your way! Thanks so much! 0717852514 /]/]/]]/]]/]]/]]/]/]</p><p>Same day abortion pills for sale and we do delivery and Abortion clinic. Call us now for appointment or delivery ][][][][[][[]][][[ 0717852514 ][][][][[[[]][][][[[]][[[][</p><p>Safe abortion or Termination of pregnancy (TOP) is when a pregnancy is terminated in its early stage before it results into the birth of a child.Abortion may be performed in two different ways.</p><p>@@@@/]/]/]/] Abortion Services Offered call +27717852514 </p><p>Non-surgical abortion to 24 weeks.</p><p>Surgical abortion completed in one day to 14 weeks.</p><p>Surgical abortion patients who are between 14 and 24 weeks pregnant will be completed in two to three hours. Please feel free to call us for further information or to make an appointment.</p><p>Medical Abortion/Non-Surgical. +27717852514</p><p>Safe Abortion Procedure<br />Step 1. Call +27717852514<br />You will swallow abortion pill that is meant to block the hormone called progesterone.<br />Progesterone is the hormone that supports a pregnancy and without it the pregnancy can not continue.<br /><br />Step 2. Call +27717852514 <br />A few hours later after the first pill, the lining of the uterus will begin to shed and this will soften the cervix. <br />You will then be requested to swallow another set of abortion pills or they may be inserted inside your vagina.<br /><br />Side Effects Of A Medical Safe Abortion<br />You will experience cramping like period period pains.</p><p>You might vomit.</p><p>Feel Nausea</p><p>Get a running stomach</p><p>Experience some bit of Fatigue. </p><p>The bleeding might start 2 hours after using the second pills.<br />You may see large blood clots at the time of the abortion and if the pain persists then you will need to take some pain medicine provided by the clinic.</p><p>Surgical Abortion. +27717852514<br />This is when instruments will be used to remove the fetus In Our Surgical Facility. <br />If both abortion procedures are done by a qualified abortion doctor with proper medical guidance, there is no way it will affect your fertility. </p><p>Womb Cleaning after a safe Abortion 0717852514<br />The womb is the center of a woman’s power, creativity and life force. Not only does the womb create babies, it also energetically holds the space of the life force. Therefore after every abortion procedure we shall provide you with pain tablets and antibiotics that will prevent you from getting any infections during the healing process.<br /><br />NB:- Please do not take any medication or herbs promising to abort the pregnancy or clean your womb. Also never put any herbs or chemicals up your vagina. This does not clean your womb and is dangerous. </p><p>Call +27717852514</p>

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